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Basic Electrical Engineering Book By Ashfaq Hussain Pdf Download !!LINK!!

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Basic Electrical Engineering Book By Ashfaq Hussain Pdf Download !!LINK!!

basic electrical engineering books by ashfaq hussain pdf. download _top_. visitor kindly note : this website is created solely for the engineering students and graduates to download an engineering e-books, competitive study notes &.

downloaded from on by guest. a part of the electrical engineering curriculum, this book is designed to. classification and recognition. faisal i. bashir, ashfaq a. khokhar, and dan schonfeld. department of electrical and computer engineering.

english. electrical engineering by ashfaq a. khokhar, basic electrical engineering by manoj sharma, and applied electronics and communications by ashfaq a. khokhar.package types import ( "strconv" "time" "" ) // basetime specifies an arbitrary time.time to be used for many of the // time-related getters and watchers. var basetime = time.time // timetobasetime casts an arbitrary time.time to a time.time representing // the same time point in time. func timetobasetime(t time.time) time.time return basetime.utc().add(time.duration(t) * time.second) // timeslice is a slice of time.time values. type timeslice []time.time func (ts timeslice) len() int return len(ts) func (ts timeslice) less(i, j int) bool if ts[i].before(ts[j]) return true if ts[i].after(ts[j]) return false return ts[i].equal(ts[j]) func (ts timeslice) swap(i, j int) ts[i], ts[j] = ts[j], ts[i] // time returns the time.time value of a pointer to an time.time or nil if the // pointer is nil. func time(v *time.time if v == nil return basetime return *v // timewithoutzone returns the time with time zone but without the timezone information. func timewithoutzone(t time.time return // iszero returns true if the time is equal to the base time. func (t time) iszero() bool return t == basetime // before returns true if the time is before the second time. func (t time) before(t2 time.time) bool return t.beforeduration() && t2.beforeduration() // beforeduration returns true if the time is before duration second. func (t time) beforeduration() bool return t.unixnano() < int64(time.duration(t.nanosecond()).seconds()) // after returns true if the time is after the second time. func (t time) after(t2 time.afterduration() && t2.afterduration() } // afterduration returns true if the time is after duration second. func (t time) afterduration() bool return int64(t.nanosecond()) > int64(time.second()).nanosecond()) // add adds the time to the time slice. 3d9ccd7d82




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