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[[LIVE TV==]!!] Wolfsburg vs Celta live online 05/08/2023

Celta de Vigo scored 43 and 36. 82 shots on goal. The two best players of VfL Wolfsburg are Yannick Gerhardt with 6 goals and Jonas Older Wind with 6 goals. Their expected goal value per 90 minutes is 6. 06 and 6. 06. The two best players of Celta de Vigo are Iago Aspas with 12 goals and Gabriel Veiga Novas with 11 goals. Their expected goal value per 90 minutes is 10. 56 and 6. 15. Our opinion is that VfL Wolfsburg has the better offensive players than Celta de Vigo. Summary Based on all statistical information we believe that currently VfL Wolfsburg is the better team. Please feel free to discuss with us – the comment box is below. We will be happy to reply.

VfL Wolfsburg vs RC Celta de Vigo Live Stream & Results 5/08/2023 15:00 FootballVfL Wolfsburg vs RC Celta de Vigo live streaming05 August 2023 sports fans will freeze at the screens to witness a heated battle of VfL Wolfsburg vs RC Celta de Vigo. The live broadcast of the match is scheduled for 15:00. Club Friendly Games is rich in interesting signage, and we certainly recommend following what is happening live. Moreover, for this, you only need to register online. Searching for high-quality images on the Internet often takes too much time. So do not neglect the proposed resource. Based on the data of the teams' performances in previous games, we've come up with a prediction for the VfL Wolfsburg vs RC Celta de Vigo match on.

Galan Gil Midfielder Arnold vs. Veiga Novas VfL Wolfsburg Casteels van de Ven Guilavogui Bornauw Baku Arnold Gerhardt Nmecha Kaminski Wind Wimmer Marchesin Galan Gil Nunez Aidoo Mallo Beltran Peinado Veiga Novas Rodriguez Cervi Strand Larsen Aspas Good interceptions 1. 02 Last Goal with most passes Most difficult Fastest All goals from season Ridle Bote Baku Currently VfL Wolfsburg has a better 1vs1 performance index with 88. VfL Wolfsburg has 57 goals and Celta de Vigo has a total of 43 goals. Our opinion is that currently VfL Wolfsburg would win the match. At the moment VfL Wolfsburg has the better defense.

Through the entire team they have a total of 1492 interceptions and 80 blocks. In VfL Wolfsburg the two top defensive players are Maximilian Arnold and Micky van de Ven. In Celta de Vigo the two top defenders are Unai Nunez and Joseph Aidoo. Based on this statistics we believe that VfL Wolfsburg has currently the best defense. Evaluating the strength of a teams midfield is not easy. At 1vs1 we look at a value called Pass Progression Value (PPV). We measure the ability of players to play the pass into dangerous zones and to create chances.

VfL Wolfsburg vs Celta de Vigo - Head to Head ComparisonVfL Wolfsburg 88 1vs1 Index Change team Celta de Vigo 84 vs. % Per 90 Metric Per 90% 62. 63% 1. 62 Expected Goals (xG) 1. 15 23. 23% 37. 37% 37. 55 Challenges won, % 37. 71 41. 41% 78. 79% 44. 74 Team pressing 30. 76 19. 19% 82. 83% 107. 52 Ball possessions, % 102. 96 49. 49% 0. 56 Passes average length 0. 5 56. 57% Goalkeeper Casteels vs. Marchesin Defender Baku vs.

Celta de Vigo has a PPV value of 0. 26 and VfL Wolfsburg has a value of 0. 19. Within the team of Celta de Vigo Hugo Mallo has a total value of 0. 55 and in the team of VfL Wolfsburg the best player is Ridle Bote Baku. To analyse the best strikers of teams we look at the amount of goals, shots on goal and an interesting metric called expected goal value (Xg value – measure who the probability of a chance to turn into a goal. ) VfL Wolfsburg has scored in this season so far 57 goals and 37. 73 shots on goal.

Real Madrid vs VfL Wolfsburg Head to Head




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