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[Online>] Wolverhampton v Rennes live streaming 5 August 2023

Stade Rennais has 69 goals and Wolverhampton Wanderers has a total of 31 goals. Our opinion is that currently Stade Rennais would win the match. At the moment Stade Rennais has the better defense. Through the entire team they have a total of 1476 interceptions and 48 blocks. In Stade Rennais the two top defensive players are Hamari Traore and Arthur Nicolas Theate. In Wolverhampton Wanderers the two top defenders are Maximilian Kilman and Nelson Semedo. Based on this statistics we believe that Stade Rennais has currently the best defense.

Rennes vs Wolverhampton Wanderers - Head to Head ComparisonRennes 89 1vs1 Index Change team Wolverhampton Wanderers 87 vs. % Per 90 Metric Per 90% 81. 82% 1. 76 Expected Goals (xG) 1. 02 4. 04% 58. 59% 38. 18 Challenges won, % 37. 94 47. 47% 61. 62% 37. 49 Team pressing 35. 63 53. 54% 8. 08% 98. 37 Ball possessions, % 100. 3 23. 23% 29. 29% 0. 49 Passes average length Goalkeeper Mandanda vs. Malheiro De Sa Defender Theate vs. Kilman Midfielder Bourigeaud vs.

Lemina Striker Kalimuendo-Muinga vs. Traore Diarra Rennes Mandanda Solberg Meling Theate Wooh Traore Santamaria Gouiri Tait Bourigeaud Kalimuendo-Muinga Doku Malheiro De Sa Bueno Lopez Kilman Collins Semedo Lemina Gomes da Silva Nunes Hwang Jimenez Rodriguez Traore Diarra 3. 26 Good interceptions 1. 27 Last Goal with most passes Most difficult Fastest All goals from season Martin Terrier Currently Stade Rennais has a better 1vs1 performance index with 89.

Evaluating the strength of a teams midfield is not easy. At 1vs1 we look at a value called Pass Progression Value (PPV). We measure the ability of players to play the pass into dangerous zones and to create chances. Stade Rennais has a PPV value of 0. 32 and Wolverhampton Wanderers has a value of 0.




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